Goodness gracious, what an erotic kaleidoscope of colour and beauty, the lovely Emily, her fair complexion, long flowing strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, vibrant red top, blues, mauves, pinks, the gloriously verdant hues of the grass and foliage all washed by a golden sunlight. Jacki, with consummate artistry takes this palette and in a splendid imageset paints a picture redolent with a sense of summer and summer fun, further, in so doing does justice in full measure to the beauteousness of Emily making for a wonderful debut that is a delight to view, both for the now and in the future, especially, maybe on cold winter nights.

Anais & Rose

Sitting in the couch next to each other, Anais and Rose tickle each other. Laughing uncontrollably, they lean back and gently begin to kiss. Sliding her hand inside Anais’ cotton panties, Rose rubs her hand against her already wet pussy as she begins to finger her.
Completely naked, Anais closes her eyes as she lays on all fours, with Rose behind her, licking her from behind as she caresses her anus with her finger. Turning around, the girls rotate and position themselves in a 69 position, licking and fingering each other as they get closer and closer to climax.


Sitting on the bed with her short school skirt, Rosie raises her legs, letting her skirt fall up her thighs as she shows her girly cotton panties. Taking her top off, Rosie reveals her white bra, caressing her breasts from the top.
Continuing to undress, she lays on top of the bed with her legs wide open, smiling as she caresses her wet vulva. Rubbing her hand firmly against her pussy, Rosie gasps as she inserts a couple of fingers all the way in, moaning as she moves them faster and faster.

Estella Z

Your face with glasses , that you had black hair evereywhere was everso inviting, Estella.
Your seduction was gradual. And tho I must await utter privacy to hear your voice, seeing you show off your legs got to me very quickly.That you were barefoot was great. Your lovely white legs were spread early-on. They are so lithe and shapely.
Learning that this was your 1st show with Abby made me want you to be a smash hit; and you were. You knew that Abby and the men who work with her prefer natural beauty and expect models to spread the lips of their cunts with their fingers–the essence of female beauty. Seeing your most individually beautiful vagina now turns not only us guys and the thousands who will visit in the months ahead, you yourself have lived for sex and the act of revealing yourself has been dear for you. You are so lucky and I thrill at your wonderful spirit and the pleasure that you are having.


With her naked bum facing you, Jada opens her legs wide, exposing her pink anus and vulva.
Undressing the rest of her petite body she maintains eye contact, effortlessly seducing as she reveals more and more of herself. Pressing together her small pert breasts, Jada leans back over the chair, her glasses almost slipping from her face as she smiles upside down. Lifting her legs up high in the air, she shows off her vulva and full bush with a cheeky grin.

Kelly G

A splendid video debut from Kelly, she tells of her wish to do and experience everything at least once, I hope that the operative word in respect of AW is “least”. A joy to watch Kelly undressing, with some delicious scenes as she runs her fingers through and teases her “lady garden” and as she stands by the lace curtained window caressing and running her hands over her body, ending by enfolding herself in the curtains. My thanks to Patience, the team and Kelly of whom I hope we get to experience more, much more.

Yoga Outdoors

Unbuttoning her tight jean shorts, Natasha slides them down her long legs, revealing her see-through pink panties as she bends over sticking her round bum out.
Down on the floor of her porch, Natasha does her stretching exercises, displaying her amazing flexibility as she spreads her legs wide apart. As she continues to undress, uncovering more of her soft, pale skin, Natasha squeezes her round boobs before taking off her panties, laying completely naked on the floor as she smiles back to the camera.